I Did a Promotion And I Did Not Receive The Coins

Some of these promotions can take a few days to credit the account. It depends on Supersonic or SponsorPay and the advertiser’s agility to pay. We at Playfulbet are simply intermediaries of the platforms; we don’t have control over its advertisers since they are third party promotions published in a platform of advertisers that are independent from Playfulbet.

If it takes longer than 72 hours to receive your points, you can claim them under “View Status” at SupersonicAds (found on the top right) and find the offer in which the points are missing (found in the very bottom), and follow the steps in the “Missing Coins” link to send your complaint. If there are no problems and you have done the promotion correctly they are usually quick with complaints on missing points (remember to attach the proof as screenshots). If, even with a complaint you do not receive the points, contact us again.


Take into consideration that sometimes it is not enough to download an application but it is also necessary to register and even buy a product. As you can see in the description of some promotions: “INSTALL APP FOR ANDROID AND BUY VIRTUAL CURRENCY TO EARM COINS”. This means that you have to buy virtual coins in a game or some other product.

For the offer to be valid, you must do it by siging into your Playfulbet account.


Also, if the offer is done from another account under the same IP, it will not be valid.

On the other hand, THE DATA CONTRIBUTED IN THE PROMOTIONS (surveys, etc...) MUST BE VALID.


It is VERY IMPORTANT to enable cookies and make the promotions from the Playfulbet links for them to be valid and be able to receive the reward in coins or a related prize. It is only valid for new accounts.

Regarding promotions in betting houses, the recommendations above apply, but you must also be of legal age to make them and follow the basis of the promotion step by step, as it is explained.


If in 2 weeks the promotion was not awarded to you, contact us to see if there has been an issue with the advertiser or technique and we will try to fix it.

Note: Be aware of your Adblock or similar programs. If you have it, you should desactivate it, as it can hinder the tracking and prevent the association of your account to Playfulbet preventing you from earning prizes.

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